Gracias a Xosé Crisanto por la siguiente información: "la primera vez que suena una Ramírez en una canción de los Beatles es el 30 de julio de 1963 "

 «It [Ivor Mairants Music Centre, at the Oxford Street end of Rathbone Place, London] opened on 1 September 1962... The Beatles and The Shadows were then very strong and both Paul McCartney and Hank Marvin bought Ramírez flamenco guitars quite independently of one another to add an additional effect to their groups»-  Ivor Mairants, My Fifty Fretting Years, Newcastle, Ashley Mark, 1980, pp. 102-103

«In the later part of 1963, Klaus traveled to London and visited his friends, The Beatles. It was during this time that he gave George the Ramírez Classical. Voormann remembers, "When I came back to London, George saw me play the guitar and I played him some classical pieces and he was knocked out the way I was playing the guitar. Then he was using it a lot in the studio for A Hard Day's Night and in the filming he was using it as well"»- Klaus Voormann

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