Cristina and I have visited Joaquín Rodrigo Foundation, in response to the kind invitation of Cecilia Rodrigo. Since we met her, both Cristina and I think she is an admirable and brave woman. From the love and respect to her father, she’s not only managing to preserve his work, but she is also recovering some of his original musical scores which are lost and scattered all around the world. The task she is carrying out is not an easy one; moreover in these strange days we are living, a time in which art has become a luxury, when actually, it is a necessity for the soul.

In our visit we could meet her team of women; they are helping her to carry out her work. And we could see the house of the master, the sanctuary where he studied, reflected and created in the exact way it was left after his death. It has been a lovely encounter. We have talked about lots of things, and we all had something to say – almost speaking on each other – about the same situations, the same people, but from different points of view. So we left with the impression that we have started to create a tridimensional vision of stories; until today they seemed to be incomplete, ‘plain’; they are about people such as Andrés Segovia, of his relationship with Joaquín Rodrigo, or his relationship with my father, JR III, and about more things. It has been a conversation among friends about the great figures that have surrounded us since we were kids.

And among those ‘magic’ things in life, Cecilia had something for us; it was a letter from her mother addressed to a man asking for information about classic guitars. In the letter she recommended three guitar constructors: Fleta, Hauser and Ramírez. Funnily enough – she told us - three days ago, from a correspondence parcel she had, she took out a letter at random and she just had this one. Three days before our visit. That’s life!

Again, the plot that started the day we visited Andrés Segovia Foundation in Linares is intertwined, it started when we were talking to Alberto López-Poveda about the three guitar constructors Segovia had in his heart; Fleta, Hauser and Ramírez. She commented us that she would like to organize and event with the three guitar makers, and she asked me if I had the contacts of Fleta and Hauser. The truth is that I don’t have their contacts, but I volunteered to get them. At that moment we were told that two musicians were visiting the foundation and when they knew we were there, they asked if they could greet us. It turned out that they were two German guitar players. One of them was Augustin Wiedemann, he was the president of the Hermann Hauser Foundation; he thought it was a great idea to organize an event together with Andrés Segovia Foundation, and also to count on Fleta to do it. I don’t know if we will be able to carry this out, but everything seems to be in the right path. We will allow the ‘scriptwriter’ of life continue surprising us, and we will see what door is open for us in this occasion. We will keep you informed. I promise.

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