23rd to 28th February 2016

The 23rd February, Marisa Sanzano and I travelled to Miami. We were invited by Gianni Savino, his wife Ana María and their son Matías; they are the owners of Savino Music, my distributors in Latin America; we went there to make the presentation of my family of guitar makers into the FIU. So Gianni, his wife Ana María and their son Matías fetched us at the airport to take us to Miccosukee Resort, a lovely hotel that belongs to the Indian reservation Miccosukee, in Florida. The hall is almost completely a casino full of slot machines, and other gambling facilities that we didn’t see, but we know they were there. The truth is that gambling is forbidden in Florida, but to compensate Miccosukee Indians they are allowed to have their own casinos.

The Savino family gave us a warm welcome, just the way they are, and they went with us everywhere during our stay. We had lunch and dinner in really good vegan restaurants, we walked around Lincoln Road, that ends at the famous Miami Beach and we had dinner with my friends Manuel Barrueco and Asgerdur. We laughed a lot, especially that.

That afternoon, Gianni had prepared me an interview with Luciana; she is the artistic director of Savino Music, to record some high quality videos of me talking about some of our models, to promote them in the USA and Latin America.

The next day we went to the FIU, where the owners of Gold Tone and my distributors in the USA, Wayne Rogers and his wife Robin took several guitars to exhibit them. I gave a conference to a group of lovers of the guitar, whose interest was a great stimulus for me, as it is usual in these cases.

The next day we travelled with Wayne and Robin to Titusville, where Gold Tone has its headquarters. We had a long and rewarding meeting because we could clarify a lot of points and we could take new positions on the American market. We were delighted to meet personally their whole team and their lovely family. We had dinner in a superb restaurant. The next day we were taken to see the manatees, these curious and gentle aquatic mammals, we could only see a tail splashing on the water and sometimes a couple of noses showing now and them to breathe. After that we were taken to an air boat ride in the Indian River were we could see alligators, birds and large masses of water and grass that we toured at a high speed. Sunglasses were essential and hair elastics for long hair. Fortunately Robin was ready for every event and she did not only gave me a hair clip, thanks to which I still have my hair, yet I had to disentangle some knots; but also she brought appropriate blanquets to cover our legs and waterproof jackets that were highly suitable.

We went back to Miami where we spent the last day with Gianni, Ana María and Matías, enjoying a walk around the city. We loved Miami and Titusville and we came back with the best taste in the mouth and moving memories to hold in moments when spirits are low and change them with a sunny day in a warm corner of our soul.

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