26 de octubre 2016
20.15 horas

Aforo limitado. Reserven su entrada en: tienda@guitarrasramirez.com. 
Recuerde que sugerimos una aportación de mínimo 5€ 
que irá destinada íntegramente al guitarrista.


J. Dowland: Fantasia

R. Zwicki: Some
L. de Narváez: Mille regres
C. Farmakis: Sogno
D. Scarlatti: Sonata K146
F. da Milano: Fantasia "La Compagna"
J.K Mertz: Elegie
J. Rodrigo: Junto al Generalife
M. Llobet: 2 folksongs


Mikkel Egelund Nielsen (1987)
Mikkel Egelund Nielsen was born on the island Bornholm in Denmark, where he began studying the guitar at the age of 8. Since he has graduated with honours from the Royal Academy of Music Aarhus, Denmark and the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln, Germany, where he studied with Frederik Munk Larsen, Marco Socías and prof. Roberto Aussel.

Mikkel is currently studying for his Advanced Postgraduate Diploma ("Soloist Class") at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Aarhus (Denamark) as well as in Copenhagen, where he studies with his good friend Simon Wildau as a guitar duo.

Currently one of Denmark's most prize winning classical guitarists in international competitions, Mikkel has proven to be among the musical elite of his generation.
Mikkel has performed in live television- and radio transmission such as the Danish P2 and the German WDR. He has furthermore played for the Danish Crown Prince Couple (Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary of Denmark).

With a special interest in contemporary music, he also likes to collaborate with composers on new compositions and is a dedicatee of works by Rasmus Zwicki, Lasse Schwanenflügel Piasecki, the Swedish composer Jonas Asplund and the Greek-born composer Christos Farmakis.
He has been soloist in Poul Ruders guitarconcerto “Psalmodies” with AROS Ensemble and in 2014 he was soloist in Luca Francesconis guitarconcerto ‘A Fuoco’ with International Ensemble Modern Academy in Würzburg, Germany.

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