On October 29th, after the Shanghai fair, I travelled to Guangzhou with Marisa and Arancha, where we travelled as guests of our distributor in China, Wolfgang Hsu, President of Guitar Era.

For the 30th, Wolfgang had organized a great event in his place due to our visit, it was an space devoted to the guitar, with an avant-garde decoration, with an exquisite taste, in its entrance there was a welcoming area for meetings, that gave way to a wide room for concerts and other events, and upstairs there was a workshop and storage room.

As an introduction for the presentation, the group Shenzshen Guitar Ensemble, warm-up, gave a brief and lovely concert with Ramírez studio guitars. After that I gave my presentation about the family of guitar makers Ramírez, and a demonstration of the way we make our mosaics. And then, to finish the event, Chen Xi played superbly some pieces with his Traditional Ramírez guitar. I must say, that it is a great pleasure to listen to and watch this artist playing. It is as if she herself was a part of the music she was playing, that it follows her, that it moves with her, as if they were inseparable.

At night we were invited to have dinner by Mr. Li Guo Qiu, he is one of our clients and was kind enough to take us to a party celebrated in our honor. There we met his wife Chen Xiao Wen, and his kids. And the loveliest part of the party was dedicated to music. Mr. Li Guo Qiu played with his teacher and a group of friends musicians, Wang Yanqiang, Shuai Jun, Ouyang Blao and Chen Wenfei that made us all enjoy with several pieces. And also his wife, Chen Xiao Wen, sang for us with her delicate and exquisite voice.
The next day, the last of our stay, we went to the guitar string factory Alice, we were invited by its president Mr. Zheng Yu Tang, and we also were with the vice-president Mr. Zheng Xiao Ming, the vice-president Chen Fei Yang, the vice-president Wang Dun Ning and the sales manager Mr. Chen Li Ping. We were quite impressed by the factory, the security systems of the employees and the organization of the work.

After the visit, we were taken to a restaurant where we enjoyed an excellent Chinese food and a nice conversation.

We came back to Madrid with a cherished memory of our visit to Guangzhou.

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