"Time and care are indisputable tools to create the instrument that will give voice to the music. Three months of solitude shared with the guitar that my hands molded in all her shapes, going over her hips, her waist and her shoulders. Raising her head.

My days tinged with thoughts, emotions and experiences are poured in her streaks. Almost not meaning it, this guitar has turned into my confidant, into my most intimate friend and into my soul mate. She was born from each movement and each intention I’ve
had. When I touch her with my fingers I know what she lacks, what she has to spare, what she needs. I have no words, she guides me to finish it.

Before I listen to her I stop silently and imagine the way she sounds. And when I string her voice I pat her for the first time with her first chord. The virgin beauty of those things that have a lifetime to be discovered and developed. Now my part in her work has finished. She cannot continue learning with me. She needs new teachers, friends, lovers… In my heart sadness and happiness take turns because tomorrow she will be given to someone who has been looking forward for its arrival for so long. Tomorrow she will leave my touch, my ears, my voice and my eyes to grow in other hands.

"El café de Chinitas"- Teresa Barrientos (soprano) y David González (guitarra)
"Canción del Fuego Fatuo"- Manuel Babiloni
"Presagio (Taranto)"- Victor Monge "Serranito"

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