The 10th December 2013 my nephew José Enrique and I arrived to Singapore to participate in the XI Guitar Festival of Singapore; it was organized by our distributor Thomas Liaw. The very same night we arrived he took us to have dinner with John Mills and Pavel Seid, the truth is that it was a delicious and pleasant dinner.
The 11th at night we went to John Mill’s concert. The hall was filled with an audience that enjoyed the concert to the last note that this great artist played with his hands and heart; he impressed us all with his elegance and sensibility. He played Andrés Segovia’s repertory; he used his Ramírez guitar of the same construction and scale as the ones used by the master, and, no doubt, he reminded us of his impeccable style, with his technique that, luckily, is conserved by many guitarists as a treasure that should never be lost.
The 12th in the morning, I gave a talk about the History of Ramírez Guitars and their construction to nowadays. And after that Enrique talked about the construction and set up of our guitars, to support his talk he used a video of La Reina, a guitar we built for a very special and daring friend; in love with his guitar, he baptized it with this name; we recorded its construction step by step in an exceptional document.
At night we went to Pavel Steid’s concert, wonderful, he surprised us with his original and clear sound. Again, the audience that filled the hall enjoyed the excellence in good music as well as in its performance.
I must say that the quality of the festival impressed Enrique and me, because the next night, the 13th December, we went to Enric Franceries’ concert, we loved it, for its originality too, and of course, for the high level of his performance and mastery with the guitar… with great sense.
Every night, Thomas took us all, the artists and people invited to the festival as well as his great work team, to have dinner to different places, and it was really fun to participate in the celebration atmosphere that floated in the air during the time we spent in Singapore. A small festival, very well organized and with a high quality. Good things in the exact dose that left us looking forward for more.
It was a pity that we could not stay for the rest of the festival, because we went back to Madrid the 14th at night, with a really good feeling. 

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