Last Friday, 9th of May 2014, my nephews Cristina and José Enrique and I, had the pleasure and the privilege to go to Linares to the Andrés Segovia Foundation. We were invited by Alberto López Poveda. He is  an  endearing person, he showed us what is loyalty for a friend taken further than many people would be able to  do. His brotherhood with Andrés Segovia, obviously shared, is the authentic spirit of this foundation. At least that has been our impression. He is a person  that does not receive any benefit for himself, except for the protection, diffusion and support of the memory of his friend for the world and from his heart, he is still active in  his daily routines even being 98 years old. Honestly impressive.
Visiting the museum was exciting, watching two guitars from my father, J. R. III, both of them Cámara guitars, and a large number of references to my family; visiting his grave; reading about his life; watching the awards obtained with his work... that was really moving, and it filled me with a bittersweet sensation, something between the respect and admiration to a great artist, and the sadness for the loss of such an unique person, someone I had the pleasure to know and I also enjoyed his pleasant and enriching conversation. It was bittersweet because it took me back to past years, with my father, to all the times I went with him to the master's studio. Nowadays none of them is here, but fortunately their works stay, the legacy they gave  to the world, hand by hand, each of them performing their role and sharing their love for the guitar.  

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