It was 2011 when I went through one of those existential  crisis we all have sooner or later in our lives. Since I was a little girl I've learned to love guitars, because day after day I noticed the love my father felt for them. And although at the due time I decided to take control of the business and devote my life to it, with time I had a moment to reconsider everything and I wondered whether that was my path or not. It was precisely those days that a very special e-mail arrived to my workshop, it was written by someone that apparently was asking for some information about our guitars, but he continued with a note especially for me. It said:

"I would like to send a special greeting to Miss Amalia, I've seen her videos, and it highly called my attention her signature. The A of Amalia is the shape of a five-pointed star, the flaming star or the geometrical pentagram, it was represented in the Jewish Kabbalah as a magic figure, a gate between heaven and earth that represents the human being within the universe (Leonardo Da Vince painted it quite well). That is, transcendence, or what Miss Amalia Ramírez wants is to devote herself to creation, beyond the guitar, a very special instrument, that conects the essence, the divine spark of the artist with the universe, that is with God. This is the real inspiration, the passion, enthusiasm and perseverance that leads us to carry out exceptional and extraordinary deeds. I congratulate her!

Amalia Ramírez

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