On Thursday, April 2015, early in the morning, Enrique, Cristina and I, with David González, travelled to Almeria for the opening of the monographic exhibition of our family of guitar makers. It was organized by the luthier and researcher Carlos González, sponsored by Almeria City Council.
At eight in the afternoon I gave a conference in the museum with my nephews at each side; after that there was a colloquium that couldn’t be extended due to a lack of time but the truth is that it was promising as the audience was showing great interest and they were willing to participate. I was very sorry that I wasn’t able to continue with the dialogue that had been opened, and Cristina and Enrique were also asked as representatives of the future of the family firm. David González gave a brief but, as usual, wonderful recital that had an enthusiastic welcome, as the audience could appreciate his musical sensitivity and skill. Again, the recital was too short but we were left with very good impressions. After that, we visited the exhibition, it consisted of several guitars from our collection, pictures, documents – they hadn’t had time to place them because everything arrived at the last minute – as well as our old guitar maker bank, woods, tools and a stove to shape the sides. We all liked a lot the way they had carefully prepared and exhibited all the material.
Our stay was short but intense. And of course, there were delicious tapas, always in good company, because Carlos ensured that we could enjoy everything.

The next day, before we came back to Madrid, Carlos took us to visit his workshop, and also his school; there, we were shown several old instruments that he constructs. We were really impressed by the delicacy of his work and with a bit of healthy envy because when you see these treasures you want to find a moment to learn how to construct vihuelas, tiorbas, apart from our usual guitars. Who knows. Maybe, someday.

Amalia Ramírez

David González

Cristina y Amalia Ramírez, Carlos Gonzalez and
José Enrique Ramírez

Cristina y José Enrique, Amalia Ramírez and
 Carlos Gonzalez 

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