Amalia Ramirez has given a new impulse to the design of the Auditorio guitar. It is one step forward in the evolution of this guitar, which results have significantly exceeded the previous Auditorio. The current Auditorio has the body (top, back and sides) entirely made with the material known as Nomex. It has a double top, like the original, and a double back, but unlike the Auditorio Duo (the second experiment of Amalia), this has the outer part made with rosewood and inner part made with cypress; and it also has double sides, the outer in rosewood and the inner in cypress, a combination that is part of Ramirez guitars identity. All guitarists who came to try it and give us their opinion, have agreed that it is a guitar with a surrounding, cozy, powerful and warm sound, and they feel very wrapped up while playing it. The first prototype has a double cedar top, but we are currently building an outer top with cedar and the inner top with spruce. We know that the latter has already been done by other guitar makers, but not the combination of the sides and back with Nomex and with different wood inside and outside. This new Ramirez guitar , the current Auditorio is, therefore, as having a guitar inside another guitar. We wholeheartedly thank our guitarists friends who are helping us testing this guitar, and we count on them for the next experiment that is being built on Enrique Ramírez’s bench.

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