El día 20 de Mayo, asistí al premio Leonardo da Vinci que el Rotary Club entrega cada año. En esta ocasión el acto se llevó a cabo en  un lugar tan emblemático como la Real Academia de la Lengua, y el premio se le entregó al director de orquesta español Guillermo García Calvo. Para cerrar la ceremonia el Madrid Guitar Duo –Roberto García y Pablo González- tocaron un breve y precioso concierto. La música, el lenguaje universal que trasciende las diferencias de los idiomas, una vez más, interpretada con excelencia, nos hizo disfrutar a todos los asistentes, pertenecientes a diferentes países que nos reunimos para celebrar un acontecimiento tan hermoso.
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De izquierda a derecha: Pablo González, Amalia Ramírez, Roberto García

Laly Paredes, Guillermo García y Carmen Kaiser

De izquierda a derecha: Rolf Egon, Antonio Donaire,
Guillermo García Calvo y Antonio Mosquera.

De izquierda a derecha: Rolf Egon, Guillermo García Calvo,
Emmanuela Masini, Mario Rohracher y Carlo Franzini

De izquierda a derecha: Javier Campos Bueno, Silvia Torán,
Guillermo García Calvo, Carmen Kaiser, Silos Manso, 
Concha Calvo, Humberto Oran

XLIII Leonardo da Vinci International Art Award 20th May 18, 2017 (Madrid) 

Leonardo da Vinci was not only a great scientist and a great artist but also interested in music. He played various instruments and was very good at improvising, he studied the laws of acoustics and even invented an instrument: a new kind of viola.

Leonardo was a great example for humanity because he showed us that life has an almost infinite number of sources of inspiration and that human beings can be creators in every area. Moreover, Leonardo's life and work show that all areas are connected with each other.

For me, music is the best way to connect everything in life. When I study I am connected with the composer; when I rehearse I am connected with the singers, the musicians and the staff; when I conduct a concert I am connected with the audience - so in the end, we are all connected! Quite some time ago, when I went to Vienna and started to learn conducting, I had the privilege of receiving the enormous and incredibly valuable support of the Rotary Club Madrid Velázquez.

So many years have passed since then, and today I am extremely happy and proud to receive this recognition from the Rotary Club Madrid and ten European Rotary Clubs. Every day, I try to make the world around me better through the music - or, if not better, at least more beautiful and more inspiring. 

I want to constantly remind us of the fact that music is one of the most fascinating ways we human beings have to express ourselves. Music can do great things with us. We only have to take a look around to see that no human being is exempt from negative qualities. It is not always easy to fight them. We can see that in politics, economics and so many other areas. 

This is why I consider it my mission in life to show how music awakes the best sides in us. Because when we play music we need to listen to our colleagues, we need to be tolerant, we must know how to wait, we need discipline, we must never stop growing during our whole lives, we always need to be critical with ourselves and must never take things for granted. 

I would like to thank all of you for your support - it is your effort and your dedication that make it possible for so many young people to dedicate their lives to music and thus awake their best sides. Thank you! Guillermo García-Calvo

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Javier C dijo...

¡Una noticia muy interesante! Gracias a Guitarras Ramírez por hacerse eco del Premio Leonardo Da Vinci, iniciado hace 43 años por el Club Rotario del Florencia. Es una suerte para todos que el premio se lo hayan otorgado al gran maestro, director de orquesta, Guillermo García Calvo. ¡Seguro que cada vez vamos a tener más noticias de su excelente trabajo como Director de Ópera!