Nei tuoi occhi [In your eyes]” 

(Sony Classical Italy)

 “Nei tuoi occhi”, the new album of guitarist/composer ROBERTO FABBRI  will be available for sale in traditional stores, on iTunes and on the main digital stores. The artist has signed a contract with Sony Classical Italy.

Preceded on air by the single “Rainbow song”, “Nei tuoi occhi” is a collection of 17 new compositions, each one telling a story, carrying an emotion, a place or an event with the aim of bringing classical guitar closer to the public and in the main concert events. The album includes “Fantasia sin palabras”, the composition commissioned to Roberto Fabbri by XXVI Festival Internacional Andrés Segovia 2012 in Madrid, where he performed on October 26th, in the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the passing of the greatest guitarist  ever. 

«After the first two albums “Beyond” and “No Words” in which the narration was mainly carried on by my guitar – Roberto Fabbri says – I wanted my new album to include not only solo pieces but also compositions for four guitars and for guitar and string quartet. I wanted a record in which I could create a dialogue with other musicians, a work featuring heterogeneous and enthralling sonorities».

Nei tuoi occhiis a guitar which, in solo or in ensemble, describes itself and basically tells “stories” in music.  Landscapes of the spirit, in notes. Fabbri has recorded some brilliant material: his melodies stand out for the spontaneity of the themes, bright and sparkling when the music becomes radiant, and sweetly shaded when exploring the shadows. Fabbri does not recur to harmonic complexity to tell about himself; he is among the fewest who can “summarize himself” with unexpected simplicity to the listener. Unexpected because, due to his sensibility and  exquisite composition technique, he never falls into the obvious. Thus the “pleasant surprise” is the most refined musical stylistic hallmark of this album, addressed to a vast audience, which will also be appreciated for the return of the romantic instrument par excellence, the classical guitar.

This is the album track list: “Nei tuoi occhi”, “Rainbow song”, “Inseguendo la luna”, “02:00 A.M.”, “Il cavaliere errante”, “Un bacio ancora”, “Choronì”, “Lullaby”, “Inside me”, “Maree”, “Rainy day”, “Il suo sorriso”, “Crossing Europe”, “Alba”, “Aquiloni”, “Sunflowers”, “Autostrade”.

Roberto Fabbri, the only Italian classical-guitar performer whose method is well-known, appreciated and used all over the world, in particular in Spain, was born in Rome in 1964. A performer, composer, writer and teacher,  he studied classical guitar at the Conservatory of “Santa Cecilia” in Rome. He has always coupled  his concert career with an intense editorial activity, cooperating with many publishing houses (Anthropos, Berben, Playgame, EMR, Warner Bros., Carisch). His more than 30 guitar publications have been translated into five languages, including Chinese, and are distributed worldwide by the prestigious Italian publisher Carisch. He regularly gives concerts and master classes, together with the most celebrated figures on the international guitar scene, in the major festivals and concert-halls in Europe, United States, South America, Russia and Asia. He is also the spokesperson of the renown classical guitar atelier Ramirez. In 2010 he was awarded the prestigious title “Socio De Honor” at the “Festival Internacional Andrés Segovia” in Madrid and the “2010 Special Price for Teaching Activity” by Carisch publishing house for having sold over 150.000 copies of his books”. 

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