Last Friday we were woken up to bad news. We have learnt through some means of communication that a very much loved person for us and that played a key role in the history of the guitar has died: he is Alberto López Poveda. We like him being called a gentleman by some newspapers, because we think there is not a better word to define himself. He was a gentleman from head to foot that provided safe custody with loyalty to the legacy of his great friend Andrés Segovia. The greatest expert in the figure of the master has died and one of the most passionate, endearing, sensitive, reasonable and honest people we have had the opportunity to know.

The last time we saw Alberto was November 7th, 2014, when he gave us the Andrés Segovia medal because we were one of the three guitar constructors of the master, together with Fleta and Hauser. This was the last moving event where we could witness the tremendous lucidity and vitality of a figure that has always been young. The history of the guitar owes a lot to Alberto and we hope his work remains forever, to keep the memory of his great friend Andrés Segovia alive. It was a great pleasure to meet him and we send a great embrace to his family and foundation.

Ramírez family

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